Grafix Inkjet Shrink Film

Grafix Inkjet Shrink Film

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Product Description Create your art and shrink it with Grafix Shrink Film. Design, cut out and bake for instant embellishments. Shrink film designs

Grafix Inkjet Shrink Film Clear 8.5x11 6-Pack

Shrink Film

Grafix Imaging Print Film is used as a masking stencil to create clear film positives for the screen printing photo emulsion process. They are compatible with either ink jet or laser printers. Imaging film can be used for fine line work, half tone images, hand drawn or painted art stencils as well as printed images. Six 8.5 x 11 sheets per package.

Grafix Impress Imaging Ink Jet Print Films 6/Pkg-8.5X11

Grafix Shrink Film

The same great product as the original Shrink Film, but compatible with ink jet printers! Use Shrink Film to create unique and personalized jewelry,

Grafix Inkjet Shrink Film Clear 6pk

Stamp, color, and die cut on Grafix Shrink Film, then bake it for unique handmade accents. It shrinks to durable plastic! Sold in packs of six 8.5 x 11 sheets.

Shrink Film - Nine Different Types - Grafix Black / Single

Grafix Ink-Jet Printable Shrink Film – White, 8.5 x 11

Grafix Shrink Film,Transparent Plastic,Print,Cut and

Grafix Shrink Film White, Art Supplies Online Australia - Same Day Shipping

Grafix Ink Jet White Shrink Film 6 Sheet Package